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selfish giant


The title of the story “The Selfish Giant” is very much familiar to me because, I heard about this story in my school days and I found it very interesting. The author of the story Oscar Wilde is very familiar to me. I studied “A Woman of No Importance” in S.Y.B.A. syllabus so I am indented to choose this story.
In his creation “A Woman of No Importance” he shows his witty style in this story as we know Oscar Wilde was a famous for his witty dialogues and humor. He showed his best in “The Selfish Giant” and “A Woman of No Importance” and such as many stories.

While reading this story I came across with his great philosophy and message in it.


- Story of a ‘Selfish Giant’.
- Who don’t like children
- He doesn’t like any one to enter in the garden of his castle. He always stops them playing into his garden.
- But soon he realizes his mistakes because, winter falls in his. Garden and no other season comes there.
- An incident changes his thought and he let the children play there. Nature scatters happiness every where.


- Simple and interesting.
- Story around the moral.
- Give happiness and gain happiness.

The theme of the story is very simple; hence it is very interesting to read. While reading this story “The Selfish Giant” one can easily understand the inner meaning and moral message of the story. It suggests that if we give happiness to others we can also feel happiness in our life.

“The Selfish Giant” moves around a person who is very selfish by nature. He is tall, massive and looks ugly. He doesn’t like the children who are to playing in his Garden.

The garden is also happy with children as they are coming everyday for playing. “The Selfish Giant” comes back after seven years and told them in very harsh voice that the garden is his own property and nobody allowed to enter in his garden. He makes big wall of wood all around the garden so that nobody can come illegally in his garden.

The children have no where to play now and they miss the garden very much.

The garden remains silent now as it has nobody to play in the garden and lost his children also. The winter comes and remains winter in spring also as there are no children to play in the garden. The spring come and the birds never used to visit the garden of Giant.

The spring is forgotten to visit the Giant’s garden. It gives blossoms to all the garden but in the Giant’s garden still there is winter. The Giant could not understand that what happens to his garden.

Once, early in the morning he hears a sweet song and thought that kings musicians are passing near by his home, but he found a linnet in his garden who is singing on a tree. After a long time he hears a sweet song put he into the great joy and he found spring in the farthest corner of the garden. The children though the little hole. He goes downstairs and found a little boy who is trying to climb up on the tree but blunder why the spring doesn’t come in his garden. As soon as he arrives in the garden.

All the children frighten and run from the garden. He come near the little boy and put him on the tree and the little boy kisses him. The Giant become happy and allowed to play all the children in his garden. He pulls down the wall with axe so the garden becomes beautiful once again. People also found the most beautiful garden they had ever seen.

In the middle of the story the Giant turns into good and this is the turning point of the story. The children come in the afternoon after the school and the Giant also playing with them. But the Giant does not found a little boy whom he kisses and loves him. He asked about a little boy but nobody knows him and they had never seen after. The Giant become very sad for a little boy who loved and kissed him.

By passing year the Giant groves old and feeble and could not play with children now, so he is in a big armchair and watches children’s game and admired his garden. He considers children as a most beautiful flower of his garden. Now he don’t hate the winter and though that the flowers are resting now. Once in the morning he looks out of window while dressing he found a little boy who is standing underneath the tree. He feels great joy and he runs away towards the little boy. When he goes near him he becomes angry as he saw wounds of nails on his hand, palm and feet also. The Giant told a boy who has done this; a boy replied that it is the wound of love.

He knelt him and a little boy asked him “You let me play once in your garden; today you shall come with me to my garden, which is Paradise”.

This sentence is the most meaningful sentence of the story that a little boy come in the form of an angle and took the Giant with him to the Paradise for his noble deed.


- I went through Dictionary.
- I tried to get the meaning from context.
- I also went through the gist before actual reading story.
- Some time I also consulted my friend.

(1) Placing myself in place of the write:

I was just going though the story and I tried to see the story in the writer’s point of view. I tried my best to understand the message which the writer indented to convey. The moral message of the story “The Selfish Giant” can easily understand though the title.

Oscar Wilde wants to convey the message selfishness is the enemy of human being happiness can never be with selfishness.

(2) By moral point of view:

While reading the story “The Selfish Giant” we find that the story resolves round the selfishness of the person. At the beginning of the story the Giant hates the children who play in his garden, but when he gets angry on them his garden covered with snow, it shows that the Nature is also unhappy and the garden becomes winter. But when he realized that his garden can never remain green without children. Thus at the end of the story the Giant’s heart melts and feels happiness with children.

(3) With the classification of characters and events:

The major character in this story is the Giant; he is the protagonist as well as the wicked person of the story. In the beginning of the story we ca find him as a selfish person but in the part of the story we found him as a kind and virtues person.

Another importance character of the story is a little boy whose entry is supernatural and has supernatural qualities. He is a child who brings the catastrophe in the story and the end of the story was happy.


It is a very simple story and winter wants to say that if we give happiness to others we also feel happiness with the smile of the person. It is a quit touching and moral story. Yes, it is true after reading the story one would be really happy. The language of the story is quit easy and sentence structure is also classified in simple language.


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